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The leader with FAST Local Service to more areas across the UP! 

Welcome to Lighthouse.Net

Your Local Low Cost Broadband Provider in Michigan's Beautiful U.P.
Now with Cable TV and Digital Phone Bundles!

Sault Ste Marie
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New Cloverland Member Services location in the Lighthouse office!

Excede Fast Internet

Important News:

Website Access Maintenance
Secure website access to webmail and account information will be off line on Wednesday March 22nd, 2017 from 8AM EST to 1PM EST for maintenance. Please use your email client to access email and do not plan to make any payments or check your account during this maintenance window.

Please use an email client to store information permanently!
Email information needs to be kept on your device for your security and to keep permanently. If your unsure if you are downloading your email properly, please contact our support for assistance.

Curtis, Engadine and Naubinway Upgrades
Internet is now available in over 90% of the cable system. This includes Naubinway, Engadine and Curtis areas. The newly upgraded plant is operational and we are monitoring and adjusting as needed. This may cause brief outages at times. Work is almost completed and frequency of outages reduced. New channels will be digital and added as we progress with the upgrades. Information and pricing will be released to customers as soon as the new plans are available for use!

EXEDE Broadband for rural areas!
Hundreds of local subscribers have chosen the New EXEDE rural Broadband service with super fast speeds for rural areas. You get 12Mbps speed for just $49.99 a month!
EXCLUSIVE for Cloverland Members, Lighthouse offers 10G Data for only $49.99 and big start up discounts!
EXEDE customers also get a FREE POLE for pole mount installations, only from Lighthouse!

Don't pay too much, call Lighthouse today!


Important Notices:

Password Security
How secure is your password? Hackers have computers that can crack a password in minutes unless you have a secure password. The term password used to be a word you could remember. Words are the worst choice today for passwords and can be hacked in seconds, The more complex the password the better. Use numbers, letters and symbols where ever possible. Use as long a string of these digits as possible. The longer the better. Also do not use the same password for your most secure connections like banks or credit cards. If you use the same login name and password for everything, hackers have access to everything if its cracked. Use even more secure passwords for your most secure connections. Be smart and never use a "word" as a password!
Lighthouse now requires the following minimum for all passwords:
8 Characters
One Capitol Letter
One Number
One Special Character

If you have not updated your password, please contact us. We do not send emails asking you to change your password, you will need to call us directly for your security.



Lighthouse wants to be your Broadband Provider! With more options in more places than anyone in the area, we are the best choice. We have High-speed and Broadband in more areas than anyone. We have Cable TV with HD and Digital channels available. Our Digital Phone service allows you choices. Our Lightwave Broadband has the fastest speeds at the most reasonable prices! We offer more product options than anyone else with service almost anywhere in the Eastern UP. Lighthouse is a leader in Internet with the first and fastest Broadband in Sault Ste Marie and St. Ignace. We have added Cable TV with HD, Broadband Cable Internet and Digital Phone in a number of areas with more areas coming! We offer our LightWire DSL service in AT&T areas with upgraded lines across the UP of Michigan. We provide one of the best Spam and Virus filters for our email, at NO COST to our subscribers! We have free local telephone support where you talk to a real person who helps you with your Internet connection.
We are more than just a Broadband Provider! Lighthouse.Net provides complete Network Solutions. We offer complete consulting services for IP communications and networking. We can provide Wireless Communications Services including dedicated Broadband links, remote monitoring, security and webcams. Lighthouse can install communication systems for Industry including SCADA & AMR applications for Electric Utility companies. If you need IP communications, we are the solution. As your local company, we are here to help.
Call us today to join our Fast, Reliable Local Internet Service
We are the Best Choice for your Internet Service!

What's New at Lighthouse?

New CABLE TV Bundle!
Cable TV with HD
Cable Internet
Digital Phone
Now Available on Mackinac Island, Coming to Curtis, Engadine & Naubinway!
Low Monthly Prices and Seasonal Plans!

Fiber Optic Service!

Lighthouse provides direct fiber connections!
Lighthouse offers Gigabit Fiber connections for your business!
1-888-883-3393 or (906) 632-1820
For Info, Call Today!

Celebrating almost 20 YEARS as Your Local Internet Service Provider! 


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