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Welcome to the world, brought to you locally in more places by Lighthouse than anyone else. Lighthouse provides local dial up numbers for your convenience and cost savings. Plans start at just $6.67 a month! We also offer ISDN Connection Service where it is available from the Telecommunications companies.
If your local access needs to travel with you we offer exciting products like our Lightmobile Plan with coverage over 98% of the US for local dialup.

Want faster Dialup service? Lighthouse has V.92/56Kbps service on all of our connections. We also offer our LIGHTSPEED Dialup Accelerator to get DSL type speeds on dialup connections... 

Lighthouse utilizes fast V.92 Remote Access Servers for our dialup subscribers. We have a connection waiting for you that is cabaple of up to 53Kpbs at our facility. All of our interconnections are 100Mbps, Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber. We have continually reinvested and upgraded to provide the very best and most reliable connections for our subscribers using dialup access. All of our connections are open for your use for as long as you want to stay on line.

Some Internet companies limit the number of minutes you can use, not Lighthouse. We don't limit your monthly use, in fact we want you to use the service as much as you can! Lighthouse provides very low user to modem ratios to almost elimiate busy signals!  

Lighthouse provides local dialup access numbers across Michigans Upper Penninsula for the conveneince of our subscribers. Our service covers areas like Drummond Island, DeTour Village, Cedarville, Paradise, Eckerman and many others where there is almost no local access at any price.  We provide these services to rural areas at the same low cost as we do in the cities of Sault Ste. Marie, St. Ignace and Newberry. For a list of our current local dialup numbers, just click on the map at the right (requires Adobe Acrobat).

Do you travel often? Are you gone for part of the year? Lighthouse has the solution to keep you connected while you are away! LIGHTMOBILE offers access across 98% of the US for local dialin service. Our Unlimited Access Dialup Customers receive the LIGHTMOBILE Service as part of their package. LIGHTMOBILE is also available for a nominal charge to our other subscriber plans.

Our new LIGHTSPEED Dialup Accelerator will have you surfing and downloading emails up to 6X faster than before. This inexpensive solution helps our subscribers keep pace with faster Internet where no Broadband solutions are available. It includes free Parental Controls, Popup Blocker and Anti-Spyware. Lighthouse leads the way to faster Internet for everyone! 

All Lighthouse Subscribers are subject to our Acceptable User Policy (AUP) and Terms & Conditions of Service (T&C's).

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