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What is LightSpeed Accelerator?

LightSpeed is an Internet accelerator service for dial-up, 802.11 wireless or connections less than 1Mbps. Powered by a proprietary acceleration technology, LightSpeed combines multiple proven acceleration methods to provide more speed and options to improve your Internet experience.
LightSpeed employs a variety of technologies to move web pages over the Internet more quickly, all of which require no changes from you. Our subscribers only see improvement using the same connection, equipment and browser you already have.

Will LightSpeed really make my connection faster?

LightSpeed utilizes proxy servers deployed throughout the Internet backbone in North America, Western Europe, Central and South America and Asia Pacific. The network is redundant and fault-tolerant with automatic geographical load balancing among servers. The proxy servers and accelerator software use proprietary data compression technology. Based on public standards this technology is far more effective than the normal compression technology, compressing text data up to 50x and images up to 12x faster than standard connections.
LightSpeed Internet acceleration service is compatible with all current equipment. All you need is a PC or laptop with Windows® (98, 2000, ME, XP Home, XP Pro or Vista) or an Apple Macintosh (OS X 10.2 or later, or 10.4 Intel Mac) and any current browser available on the market, including: Internet Explorer(5.5 or later for Windows and 5.2 for Mac), Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, or Safari 1.2.

LightSpeed Benefits:                
• One of the fastest accelerator services available
• Up to 7x acceleration of Web Pages               
• Built in Ad Blocker                        
• Automatic Upgrade                 
• Load Balancing (Geographic as well)

• Best Image Quality and Speed

LightSpeed works with:
Your dialup modem from 28.8Kbps on up to V.92!
Wireless 802.11 networks!
WildBlue Valu Pak!
Connections under 1Mbps!

No extra hardware is required!
Just load the client, enter your user name & password and you are surfing faster!

LightSpeed FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Will LightSpeed work with my computer?
is compatible with most Windows® computers and laptops and now even Apple Macintosh systems! All you need is a current Light
house Internet service to use LightSpeed.
What do I need to get LightSpeed service?
Lightspeed works with your Lighthouse Unlimited or Limited Dialup Account, WildBlue Valu Pak or an 802.11 connection. As a Lighthouse subscriber you can add or remove Lightspeed from your account at any time.
Is this High-speed service?
will speed up browsing the Internet (HTTP) and email (POP3) protocols. Lightspeed is not a broadband service and will not have a significant effect on other protocols. It is faster but not a true High-speed or Broadband service and improves WildBlue Valu Pak browsing.
Is LightSpeed hard to use?
Lightspeed works automatically with no user intervention. You can customize the settings to your individual needs if you wish, but there is nothing required for you to use it once it is installed. Lightspeed
can be turned on or off right from the icon on the system tray. It’s easy to use and very convenient.
How do I get LightSpeed?
is a client program that is downloaded to your PC. Just call us to signup and we will send you an email with the link to download the program and instructions. We will add Lightspeed to your Lighthouse Internet service account but if you don't like LightSpeed simply contact us within 30 days for a full refund. We are confident that you will love LightSpeed so we offer this 30 day guarantee!

Download our New LightSpeed Brochure:  (Requires Adobe Acrobat) All Lighthouse Subscribers are subject to our Acceptable User Policy (AUP) and Terms & Conditions of Service (T&C's). 

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