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The leader with FAST Local Service to more areas across the EUP!





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Lighthouse Cable Internet

Dedicated Fiber Options
Speeds up to 100Mbps
Reliable Connections

Now available in Curtis, Naubinway, Engadine and on Mackinac Island!
Fast reliable cable Internet with speeds far faster than slow DSL service. Cable Internet offers the fastest service available with unmatched reliability. Our dedicated Gigabit Fiber Backbone provides unmatched consistent speeds to more locations than anyone!

Lighthouse launched our new Fiber Cable Internet Service in 2012. It has expanded to Naubinway, Engadine and Curtis areas. This new service brings the reliability and speeds that everyone has been asking for. The Lighthouse Cable system delivers this new service to almost every home and business. Lighthouse's upgraded and improved the original cable systems offer a new Digital Standard to bring in Fast Inetrnet, Digital HDTV and Digital Phone!

Fast service with low cost plans in our TV bundles!

Modem choices include in home Wireless to connect all your devices!

Seasonal plans for flexibility!

Proven Reliable Lighthouse Local Service!

Call Lighthouse Today at:
906-632-1820 or 888-883-3393
Get Fast Cable Internet!

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