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The leader with FAST Local Service to more areas across the EUP! 




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Lighthouse.Net now offers Cable TV Service & Cable Broadband Internet In
The EUP!

Current Service Areas:
Mackinac Island

Lighthouse is expanding services and territories to serve you better!
Our new Cable TV system brings HDTV and will be expanding to hundreds of channels in 2015.
Our Cable Internet offers fast reliable service to all of our TV subscribers!

Watch for our 2015 Digital TV Upgrades!

Sports, News, Entertainment and more!

The current programming includes over 60 channels including HD and Premiums (HBO, Showtime & The Movie Channel). We offer local Channels in HD and regional interest including Canadian channels and regional sports. Red Wing Hockey on Fox Sports Plus covers all the games and details on the Wings.

Our new 2014 programming will add over 120 channels with more HD and more variety. More sports channels and more HD, for the football fans. More variety including Bravo HD, Hallmark, Cooking. More News including Fox Business News, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC.

Watch for the new line up with MORE!

Music, Music and Music!

The new 2014 programming will include over 60 channels of music. A wide variety of channels covering almost every taste and type of music will bring more to your home. The Music channels will bring our line up to over 200 channels!

Watch for the new line up with MORE!

Fast, Faster and Fastest!

Lighthouse offers blazing Cable Internet speeds to get you surfing faster than slow DSL!

Plans starting at 4Mbps and up to 20Mpbs are available now!

Lowed bundles allow you to enjoy TV and Internet at the best prices

Call Lighthouse Today

847-1169 or TV On My Side
888-883-3393 to get Cable!

Rising TV Programming costs affect everyone!

Check you bill to see how Retransmission Over The Air (OTA) costs affect you!

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