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The leader with FAST Local Service to more areas across the EUP! 




Lighthouse is always looking for the Best!

If you enjoy working with the public

Enjoy learning new technologies

Understand IP communications

Work with a Team concept

Strive to be the best

You may be a potential Lighthouse employee! 

Our Lighthouse Team Leads the way to the Internet for our thousands of subscribers!

 As a small company, Lighthouse employees get to work in a fast paced, ever changing environment with a group of like minded individuals.

Our Team keeps pace with new technologies and we encourage education and learning for personal growth. The Team works in all facets of the business and those who exhibit an aptitude or interest can take on more and different tasks.

Our Team enjoys great benefits including:

 Great working hours in a scenic natural area

Profit Sharing

Full Benefit Package

401 K Retirement Plan

A Great Place To Work!

If you are intereated in joining our Team just E-mail a resume to: with a subject line of "resume".   

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