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The leader with FAST Local Service to more areas across the EUP!





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LightWave: Fixed Wireless Broadband!

Serving Rural Areas without Wires!

Now in Bruce Township!

Lighthouse.Net, the largest local Internet Service Provider is leading the way again by providing broadband internet connections for homes and businesses in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Our secure, state of the art Motorola Canopy wireless internet system provides Carrier Class service and reliability. The Canopy system has faster uploads than DSL or Cable can even offer. Download connection speeds start at 512Mb and are available up to 14Mb for true broadband capabilities. Uploads start at 384K and go up to 7Mb! Best of all, no additional phone or television plans are required, saving you money! Cable and DSL require that you buy added cost service plans to get their High-speed services. Plus our prices are fair and consistent to all subscribers, not higher priced for business or commercial like the others. No telephone connection or cable wire is needed, the Canopy connection system is always on and waiting for you to fly around the internet. The world is waiting for you and Lighthouse is bringing it to your door!



LightWave offers Broadband and High-Speed service options starting at just $14.95 per month! Best of all, LightWave works wirelessly using a secure system that provides reliable service. LightWave provides upload speeds that blow our competition away. We offer fast speeds up and down, not just fast downloads! It's just FAST INTERNET at LOW PRICES! With our new LightPhone VoIP system, LightWave can even cut those expensive phone bills down and save you even more!


NEW SITE!!! Pentland Township, Michigan: 

Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan: 

St. Ignace, Michigan: 

Dafter, Michigan: 

NEW SITE!!! Bruce Township, Michigan: 

Kinross Township, Michigan: 

Rudyard, Michigan: 

DeTour Village, Michigan:

With More Sites Planned!

Lighthouse.Net uses Motorola Canopy Products for Reliable Service! 



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