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Networks Are The Life Blood Of Todays Business!

How Secure Is Your Network?
Is It Healthy?
Designed Properly?
Just Starting With a Network?
Lighthouse offers it's subscribers the best
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Lighthouse is the local resource for networking.
We have experience in almost every networking technology.
Our business is built on having Secure, High Performance, State of the Art IP Networking.

How Secure is your Network?

Accessing other peoples networks is childs play today. If fact, many hackers treat it like a game. This is not a game you want to play though! Outside access is dangerous to your business and the information on your systems. Security is not just a Hacker issue though. Inside security is another concern. Access to your systems should have controls so you know who is using the network. The biggest security concern right now is wifi access which can allow someone in close proximity to access your systems or network and use it for illegal purposes. 

How is your Network Performing?

You have a network and it was probably a significant investment. How well is it working for you? Are there choke points where the traffic is restricted or slowed down? How is traffic being routed? Are the connections all working properly? These are questions that you should be asking everytime you add or change anything on your network. You should also have it checked periodically to see how it is operating. A network is like a road system for your information. Roads need repairs periodically, widening for increase traffic, new streets and traffic controls to make traffic flow smoothly. Your network needs these things in order to provide you with the performance that today's systems need! 

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