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Lighthouse.Net your local
Internet Service Provider.
Lighthouse was started over 10 years ago and has grown to be the leader in Internet service for the area. With over a decade of solid and reliable service, Lighthouse operates locally with a global perspective. The Internet is a global product that has become a necessary part of everyone’s lives today. Most of our subscribers only use the most common Internet communications including email and browsing but IP communications can open more opportunities. Lighthouse works to expand and improve our products and services to provide these opportunities to our subscribers to enrich thier lives. Lighthouse has adopted many new technologies and services for our subscribers. We use advanced wireless communications technologies to reach underserved areas. We have invested the latest in technologies by upgrading all our internal systems to Gigabit networking. We offer advanced services like state of the art filtering for Spam and Viruses and we have implemented QoS across our network which has allowed us to add digital phone service. We continually expand and improve our service and products to meet the needs of our subscribers both today and tomorrow. There are many choices for Internet access today. Thousands of customers have chosen Lighthouse because we offer choices and solutions.

Our New Office:

It started as an idea to improve services and provide easier  customer access to our facility for our customers. The plans included a building where we would be able to provide services into the future. The location was selected for convenient access and ease of entry and exit. 

Constructed in the fall of 2003, our new facility expanded our operation to allow fiber connection capabilities. One of the big improvements was the ease of access being in the heart of the shopping area. The new facility also included expanded parking for our customers' convenience.

We are now located in an easy access area with convenient front door parking. Our facility is all on one level for our customers ease and has handicapped access. This location, adjacent to the local Wal-Mart, has quick access from Business Spur I-75 to allow our customers to get to us without spending your valuable time to get downtown.

This new facility has added security, independent power with a generator backup and is all fiber optic connections to provide fast connections with State of the Art technologies.

Our Mission:

To provide FASTER and more reliable Internet service to areas than would normally be covered by the incumbent providers. We expand and add services to reach as many subscribers as possible to bring improved services to extended coverage areas. Rather than just serving the big population areas, we work to expand in as many underserved rural areas as possible where service might not be available otherwise. In many cases our service is the only local option for fast Internet. Lighthouse started by providing dial-up service to areas where others would not go because there was not enough profit to entice the big companies. We continue this philosophy today with our High-speed and Broadband services. Lighthouse has dedicated it’s efforts to expanding services in areas where no one else has gone. The big companies may follow us, but our quality service allows us to continue to grow with two or more High-speed providers. We continue to grow and expand to new areas. For 2007 we have 3 new areas planned. Thanks to our loyal subscribers we will continue to grow and expand to new areas in the coming years. 


State of the Art Technology:

Lighthouse uses the best technologies we can find to provide services across our area. Motorola is one of the products we utilize for our wireless communications. As a leader in these technologies, Motorola is a solid, reliable solution for enjoyable Internet service. Rural areas are currently underserved and the Canopy product line from Motorola allows us to bring Broadband Internet to dialup areas improving the quality of life for our subscribers.

With more options for connectivity today, Lighthouse continues to expand services and products to provide needed connectivity to homes and businesses across the area. We never stop improving and ressearching products for new opportunities. The future is connectivity and Lighthouse is a connectivity leader. 

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