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The leader with FAST Local Service to more areas across the EUP! 




Lighthouse Serves the Upper Peninsula & Northern Michigan with FAST Reliable Internet Service.

The world is a very small place when you are using Lighthouse as your ISP! Our expanding services are making it even smaller. With Cable TV, Internet, fixed wireless, fiber optic service from one provider! 

Lighthouse services include our Cable TV, Cable Internet, Fiber Optic Services, Lightwire DSL, LightWave Canopy Broadband & Exede Satellite High-Speed.
Check out our Internet Services pages for details on all these products!

Cable TV with Clear Digital Channels including HD

Cable Internet with fast reliable service

LIGHTWIRE DSL Service is available across the UP of Michigan in areas served by AT&T DSL Technologies.

LIGHTWAVE Canopy Broadband Service is available from over 7 Broadcast Points in the UP of Michigan.

Exede Satellite Service is available across the area and provides service where no other is available! WildBlue starts at just $49.95 a month!

Lighthouse.Net, more options in more places locally!

Call us today to find out what we can offer you!

888-883-3393 or (906) 632-1820

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