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Communications without boundaries:

Lighthouse has built a network of wireless communications links across the EUP of Michigan. With this expansion we were able to bring Broadband Internet to areas where it was either cost prohibitive or impossible to get with the current communications infrastructure. 

The reliability of our current technologies provide links that are "carrier grade" with 99.999% uptime and the capacity to deliver Broadband at Gigabit speeds. Broadband links have allowed us to expand our services to unreachable areas. Lighthouse now offers our knowledge and experience to others in order to increase the opportunities and reduce costs for areas such as education, emergency services, national security, surveillance and any other communication requirement

Rural Education:

Lighthouse has worked closely with the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District to find ways to provide improved service to rural schools at reduced costs. This has lead to the installation of dedicated links to a number of rural schools. These links have increased Internet access for the students and administration while saving thousands of dollars a month in telecommunication costs. The schools use these links for Distance Learning Programs that allow students in multiple schools to attend the same class. Without these opportunities, rural schools could not offer some of the classes like foreign languages. Lighthouse is proud to be a part of improving rural education while reducing costs with ever tightening budgets! 

Bay Mills Community College:

When BMCC was looking for faster Internet at reasonable pricing, they came to Lighthouse. We were able to provide a secure, reliable link with Broadband service for the Colleges staff and students. This link allows BMCC to provide fast access for classrooms so that the students can get the most form their educational opportunities. 

LSSU Aquatics Research Lab Webcam:

Lake Superior State University had a problem. They had a state of the art underwater camera that could see the salmon and other fish species at the Edison Sault Electric Hydro Plant. They needed a way to connect this remote camera with the internet so that the University staff and the Michigan DNR could get quick access. They also wanted to put the images up on a webcam for the world to see the accomplishments of the Universities ARL and its students. Lighthouse came to their rescue! We know the value of the University and it's students to our community. We knew that a webcam would be good for the University and the area. Lighthouse had the webcam up on the net in one day! It has exceeded all expectations with visitors from around the world enjoying the underwater view from one of the most unique webcams available!

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